Why propMISE

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We offer solutions & services to address all aspects of your advisory practice.

Financial planning to multiple your wealth

Our Certified Financial Coach (CFC) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP) team are well equipped to advice and guide you to ensure you are able to meet your financial goal.

Building sustainable cash flow systems

Sustainable cash flow is a constant theme. With our unique concept, we aim to assist client to build and maintain a positive cash flow systems based on each financial situations.

Early planning for your retirement funds

It’s crucial ONLY 12% of Malaysian are on track for early retirement and only 3% can afford to retire. We strive to help individual to understand the importance of retirement fund and assist to achieve with their goals.

ZERO hassles for your financial and management to own property

We provide integrated property management and have expert across all areas of real estate. We responsible for the operations and maintenance of the property.

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