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Valerie Kee



Valerie Kee

The 90’s story. She strongly believes that healthy finances are able to change a person, even a family. Therefore, she made a promise to herself to help those who are in debt get out of their misery through real estate. She studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investment at UCSI. Soon after she graduates, she uses her knowledge and skills in the real estate industry. She successfully flipped multiple auction units and assisted over 50 investors to grow their real estate passive income with the power of leverage. Today, she has successfully assisted over 500 families to turn debts into assets. This family not only owned their dream house but also financial freedom.She was awarded the 2021 Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leaders.

About Us

propMISE Sdn Bhd is a reputable financial consultancy hub that assisted tens of thousands of clients on both personal and business levels, bringing a significant and positive impact to the local community with a single goal of lifting them from the harsh and erratic financial situations.


To disseminate the accurate knowledge on wealth management. Providing solutions to those who desperately seek redress from indebtedness. Allowing Malaysian equipped with proper financial planning process, debts concept and helping debt-ridden individuals to reduce the bankruptcy rate in Malaysia.


Be the leading financial hub to support our community driven culture and ongoing commitment to service, innovative connectivity and intuitive technology will expand our relationships for generations to come.

We will empower our customers to succeed in every aspect of their financial lives.


The strength of the company lies on a cultivated dynamic culture behind its growth and success. With a strong core value culture, together we learn, we care, we tolerance, we trust, we support!

Core value

Our core values of integrity, transparency and honesty.